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Wi-Fi password reminder

Developer: Владимир Тимофеев

If You often forget your passwords from their wi-fi wireless networks , password Reminder from Wi-Fi will help You with this. Truly he can only work, if your device has ROOT access or otherwise administrator rights.The app allows you to :- get a list stored on the device Wi-Fi networks and passwords- copy the password of the network you selected to the clipboard- send to other apps text data : the network name (SSID) and password- create image to encrypt the connection settings Wi-Fi network in QR code- quickly find a known network from the list- quickly connect to already known network- make a backup copy of the history to a file wifi_pass_export.csv- import history from file wifi_pass_export.csv- add or remove your access point in the storyOnce again we remind you that to work it is necessary that the device was ROOT rights or the super user (Super User). Usually ROOT tool hackers use to work with functions of Linux.The app is not a burglar closed wireless networks, does not pick passwords to the routers. It is completely legal and allows you to work with the already known Wi-Fi passwords. All the available wifi networks are shown in a list, sorted in alphabetic order.If You accidentally delete a network from the device,on the "History" tab You can see the previously connected network.History is updated automatically each time you start the application. Now all passwords will be recovered in one place!What are the permissions used:-storage - for import / export file with the list of password history ( wifi_pass_export.csv)-access to the Internet and location to download the ads-view network/wifi connections,connecting, disconnecting to wi-fi for fast connection to the selected network from the app